Why study in Management ?

Why study management ? You may be wondering why you need to study management. If you are majoring in accounting or marketing or any field other than management, you may not understand how studying management is going to help you in your career. We can explain the value of studying management by looking at three things – Why study in Management ?

  1. The Universality of Management
  2. The reality of Work
  3. The rewards and Challenges of being a Manager

1. The Universality of Management is Point of – Why study in Management :

Just how universal is the need for management in organizations? We can say with absolute certainty that management is needed in all types and sizes of organizations, at all organizational levels and in all organizational work areas, and in all organizations, no matter where they are located. This is known as the universality of management. In all these organizations, managers must plan, organize, lead, and control. However, that’s not say that management is done the same way. What a supervisor in software applications testing group at Microsoft does versus what the CEO of Microsoft does is matter of degree and emphasis, not of functions. Because both are managers, both will plan, organize, lead, and control. How much and how they do so will differ, however.

More about Universality:

Management is universally needed in all organizations. So, we want to find ways to improve the way organizations are managed. Why? Because we interact with organizations every single day. Are you frustrated when you have to spend two hours in a state government office to get your driver’s license renewed? Are you irritated when none of the sales people in a retail store seems interested in helping you? Is it annoying when you call an airline three times and customer sales representatives quote you three different prices for the same trip? These examples show problems created by poor management. Organizations that are well managed and we’ll share many examples of these throughout the text develop a loyal customer base, grow, and prosper even during challenging times. Those that are poorly managed find themselves losing customers and revenues. By studying management, you will able to recognize poor management and work to get it corrected. In addition, you’ll able to recognize and support good management, whether it’s in an organization with which you’re simply interacting or whether it’s in an organization in which you’re employed.

2. The Reality of Work is 2nd Point – Why Management Study important :

Another reason for studying management is the realty that for most of you, once you graduate from college and begin your career. You will either manage or be managed. For those who plan to be managers, an understanding of management forms the foundation upon which to build your management skills. For those of you who don’t see yourself managing, you’re still likely to have to work with managers. Also assuming that you will have to work for a living and recognizing that you are very likely to work in an organization. You will probably have some managerial responsibilities even if you are not a manager. Our experience tells us that you can gain a great deal of insight into the way your boss behave and how organizations function by studying management. Our point is that you don’t have to aspire to be a manager to gain something valuable from a course in management.

3. Rewards and Challenges of Being a Manager is 3rd Things of – Why Study to Management:

First, there are many challenges. It can be a tough and often thankless job. In addition a portion of a manager’s job may entail duties that are often more clerical than managerial. Managers often have to deal with a variety of personalities and have to make do with limited resources. It can be a challenge to motivate workers in the face of uncertainty and chaos, as this recession has illustrated time and time again. And managers may find it difficult to successfully blend the knowledge, skill, ambitions, and experiences of a diverse work group. Finally, as a manager, you’re not in full control of your destiny. Your success typically is dependent upon others work performance.

More about Reward and Challenges:

Despite these challenges, being a manager can be rewarding. You’re responsible for creating a work environment in which organizational members can do their work to the best of their ability. And thus help the organization achieve its goals. You help others find meaning and fulfillment in their work. You get to support, coach, and nurture others and help them make good decisions. In addition, as a manager, you often have the opportunity to think creatively and use your imagination. You’ll get to meet and work with a variety of people both inside and outside the organization. Other rewards may include receiving recognition and status in your organization and in the community, playing a role in influencing organizational outcomes. And receiving attractive compensation in the form of salaries, bonuses and stock options.

Finally , as we say organizations need a good managers. It’s through the combined efforts of motivated and passionate people working together that organizations accomplish their goals. As a manager, you can be assured that your efforts, skill, and abilities are needed.